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Outstanding service, high quality execution and excellent results are our benchmarks. We give our customers the best deals in the high value, luxury segment of the real estate sector.

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Invite beauty, sophistication & elegance to your world through our luxury apartments (duplex, penthouses, & more), interior design services & aesthetically curated art gallery.


We bring the luxurious dream home to you, for your pleasure, comfort and indulgence. We are your trusted partner in making the dream life come alive.

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Ammore is an all-in-one provider of real estate services in the luxury segment. We offer personalized brokerage services such as buying and selling of residential and commercial properties.

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We take on high quality construction projects and also offer facility management services for Landlords and property owners in the luxury segment.

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Ammore offers premium investment and advisory services to our esteemed clients. We help you build wealth so you can have much more to live the dream life.

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As a creative company, we bring more of the luxury dream to you by specializing in high end, exquisite furnishing and design of your home or office interiors. We give your precious space a befitting look and feel that exudes the aura and sophistication of the luxury life.

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Add more beauty, sophistication and elegance to your space with aesthetically curated art by Ammore.

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Registered in Lagos, Nigeria as Ammore Integrated Services Ltd, we are an all-in-one provider of excellent services in the real estate, construction and creative sector serving customers who value quality and exclusivity, luxurious comfort and elegance, who know what luxury living looks like and are willing to have it all for their indulgence.

To be a globally recognized real estate and creative company known for its strong dedication to helping clients live the life of their dreams.

To provide an outstanding level of service and expertise to our clients in the luxury segment of the real estate, construction, interior design and creative sectors, and also work honestly to create wealth for them through high value real estate investments thereby empowering them to live the life of their dreams.

We are devoted to achieving our vision by creating a dynamic, positive and resourceful work environment focused on providing exceptional service and outstanding value for our customers.



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